• Mechanical Electrical
    Our highly experienced mechanical electrical installation team achieve
    outstanding results in all aspects of our projects - including management,
    workplace safety and commissioning

  • Building Automation
    Rycon provide world class building automation installations that
    minimise building operational costs and maximise plant energy efficiency.
  • Lighting Automation
    Our expertly crafted commercial lighting and home automation systems
    minimise lighting energy costs and improve occupant comfort.
  • Switchboard Engineering
    Mechanical Services Switchboards, Distribution Boards, Metering Panels,
    BMCS Panels etc. Rycon handle all aspects of switchboard engineering with
    detailed precision.
  • Our Values
    At Rycon our products and services are strongly complimented by our values framework:

    Integrity: We are honest, hard working and consistent operators We respect our clients
    and partners and want them to succeed.

    Accountability: We commit then we deliver. We expertly consult, plan, execute and review
    our work, whilst also welcoming feedback for continuous improvement.

    Credibility: We are highly experienced and have a diverse range of complementary skills
    and knowledge. We are reliable.

    Authenticity: We are who we say we are; we do what we say we can do. We are consistent.